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Dont wait to be in pain before you remember to stretch.

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In accordance with helping you take charge of your health, Dr. Dickinson offers the following tips to help you achieve health every day:

1.  Sit up straight

It is critical that you develop the habit of good posture. Proper posture allows the musculature pulling on the spine to do so in a balanced way. When your muscles work in this manner, the spine will feel less restricted.

2.  Eat your fruits and vegetables

Nutrients are the fuel that helps your body run efficiently. When the body is forced to operate on low quality fuel, it is operates less efficiently. This makes you susceptible to infection, it makes you tired and it increases your likelihood of acquiring disease. Proper nutrition, i.e. a balance of carbohydrate, fat, protein, vitamins, minerals and water, is the best insurance policy you can have for maintaining good health.

3.  Turn off the TV

Get up and move! Adding additional movement to your daily routine will promote proper joint and muscle function. Adding a regular exercise routine to your day will build stronger muscles and will facilitate greater range of motion in your joints, as well as improved health. The only way to effectively balance caloric intake is to offset it with adequate exercise.

4.  Don’t pick that up

Don’t lift anything that is too heavy for you. If you are lifting heavy objects, make sure that you remember to ‘lift with your legs, and not with your back’. If you carry a backpack or purse everyday, make sure that it is not too heavy. Choose styles which distribute the weight evenly rather than concentrating it all on one shoulder. The key is to minimize the workload on your back.

5.  Go to sleep

At least 8 hours of every day should be devoted to sleep. During sleep, the body focuses its energy on restoring and healing the body. When you deprive yourself of proper rest, the body becomes stressed and begins to breakdown. When you are sleeping, remember the importance of proper posture; don’t just sleep on your stomach (which can strain muscles in your neck and back), practice sleeping on your back and sides as well.

As a patient of Dickinson Chiropractic Center you will receive specific wellness tips like these. Good health is achievable – let us help you!

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